Gone…all gone

I’m currently rebuilding my blog over at https://thecatgeek.com.

The content is all in tact there, but I am replacing the pictures as they were all mass deleted by yours truly because I am my own worst enemy. Read below for more clarification if desired.

Well apparently it’s the easiest thing in the world to mass delete every picture on this site. Oh yes, and the WordPress support is all out of office or something until tomorrow, but I’m guessing they don’t back up my stuff anyway.

So yeah, I’m migrating to a different host anyway, so looks like I’ll be redoing every post from scratch. Luckily a lot of my posts had pictures from my google drive. Sadly, I’ll be missing screen shots and memes that I didn’t save elsewhere, along with my captions.

I’m really annoyed and quite frankly sad. I put a lot of time into these posts, and I felt kind of proud of how each one turned out.

So I’m going to slowly port my stuff over to my new site hosted by 1and1.com that will allow me to backup my stuff. Until then…………

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